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'Tag, You're It!,' the fourth app in our Alligator in the Elevator series has been designed to help children 2-4 years old strengthen basic mental processes including perception, attention, memory, and decision-making.


'I love mud.' is the first app in our upcoming app series and is inspired by the classic song by singer/songwriter Rick Charette. Similar to each of the apps in our successful Alligator in the Elevator series, the app will include a fun music video for the song along with learning activities. The educational curriculum for this series was inspired by a recent article entitled, 'Diversity: Brought to you by the letter E: Exposure & Empathy' by Jennifer Kotler Clarke and is being designed to help children learn about kindness, empathy, and understanding the world from other people’s point of view.


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Our first preschool learning app series is currently available for free on the App Store and Google Play has been well received by both the public and independent online app review sites such as BestAppsForKids.com. Inspired by the classic tune, Alligator in the Elevator by children's singer/songwriter Rick Charette, each app contains an animated cartoon video for the song along with fun learning activities.

We are now working on version 2.0 of the series which will include expanded activities and/or additional language offerings. We are a small but ambitious and hardworking team. If you would like to help financially support Little Starship Productions allowing us to continue to offer iOS and Android apps for free, be sure to visit our 'Little Starship Patron' page to subscribe. Even the smallest pledge is greatly appreciated and will help us create more great content for you and your family. Financial contributions are key, but there are other ways you can help too! Help promote us on social media and share our campaign. Please tell your friends and family.

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The featured or most popular apps on an app store may be very different from those highlighted by review sites. Most popular apps may not be as highly rated as other apps for any number of reasons—so we encourage parents to look beyond the lists of top apps in the storefronts.

We follow guidelines and suggestions for children's app development published by trusted and respected organizations such as The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and CommonSenseMedia.org and KIDMAP (Kids' Inclusive and Diverse Media Action Project) when developing our apps for preschoolers.


Below are some things that set Little Starship® apps apart from the rest.

  • Age-appropriate apps for your children
    We provide a specific age range or developmental stage in the descriptions of all Little Starship apps.

  • Specific benchmarks of educational quality
    We involve child development experts in the production of our apps. We provide our audience with the guiding curriculum or educational theories behind our apps. We explain the kind of research that has been conducted to support our app’s claims to teach specific skills or concept. Tap the 'info' button on any Little Starship app to find this information.

  • Co-Play
    Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.  Our preschool apps are designed so that they can be co-played by either a parent and child or two children together. 

  • Feedback
    We encourage your feedback. At Little Starship Productions we involve parents at every stage of development. Parents and educators have the power to influence design!  We encourage parents and educators to voice questions and concerns with any of our apps. Whether by leaving a review, or contacting us directly at littlestarship@ibtyllc.com, we count on parents to help influence the quality of our apps.