Rick Charette

Rick Charette

Rick Charette has been writing and performing for children for 30 years.  He has a background in education and music, and talent for writing for children from a child's perspective.  Published in 1983, his first collection of songs, "Bubblegum" was followed in 1985 by "Alligator in the Elevator."
The success of these early collections launched a full-time career of writing and performing for young audiences.

Select favorites from our friend and collaborator Rick Charette...


New Release!

"Seven Ate Nine", is Rick Charette's 12th album of original kids music and contains 16 original new tracks. The album, 4 years in the making, grew from the inspiration Charette received from his performance tours and workshops with young children throughout the US and the arrival of his new granddaughters. Several of the song ideas came from songwriting workshops as children would share ideas from a point of view that only a child could imagine.

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