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Thank you for downloading and trying out our Alligator in the Elevator: Tag, You're It! app. If you like what you see please consider downloading and trying one of our other Alligator in the Elevator apps below.


Alligator in the Elevator: Matching Game

“The benefits of playing memory games with your preschooler are enormous. Developing  good memory skills will continue to benefit your  child through their academic years and into adulthood.

Our version of the traditional matching pair activity includes numbers and animation on the cards with accompanying audio to reinforce basic number recognition and encourage memory training.”

** BONUS: Includes animated cartoon music video for 'Alligator in the Elevator' tune by Rick Charette

** No in-app advertising

Available now for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets

Excellent for kids 
by Nicöle1971
The app is just excellent for the kids. It is a total fun with learning for the kids. I recommend to download and and keep it in your device.


Excellent memory game
by javiert30
Not just for kids but nice for adults too. Reminds me memory table game but this one is with more action. Match numbers and actions. Kids love it just like me


Perfect for my niece
by reynasantos2755
She's going to be in Kinder next year and this a great start for her memorization skills


Great app
Good that it has it all to be fun: animations, numbers and a catchy melody. You just keep singing it together with your kid :)



Alligator in the Elevator: Jigsaw Puzzles

“Puzzles provide good practice in manual skills, visual perception, and also the cognitive skills responsible for the organization and strategy of the piecing together process. Puzzles teach patience and perseverance, and the reward is the satisfaction of the complete image.”

**BONUS: Includes animated cartoon music video for 'Alligator in the Elevator' tune by Rick Charette

Available now for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets

Wonderful app!
by Warner Tres Cunningham
My son LOvES ❤️ puzzles! We are often out together and I don't like him playing video games so this app is perfect to keep him busy while his pop is taking care of business. He loves it already. Thanks!


by Glen reed
My kids love this!



Alligator in the Elevator: 1 2 3

“Educational activities at a young age are vital to developing your child’s cognitive abilities.

The multifaceted content in this app is designed so that kids experience learning to recognize and write the numbers 1-10 through several learning techniques. For instance, one interactive activity uses haptic touch to follow the children’s gestures as they trace the numbers, while another uses shapes to visualize the counting process. Children can play games at their own pace while progressing to increasingly advanced content."

**BONUS: Includes animated cartoon music video for 'Alligator in the Elevator' tune by Rick Charette

Available now for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets

Great learning app 
by jrecho
This is a smart app for kids teaches writing to toddlers. I would recommend it to all parents out there.


Great Job!
by Rick
Our grand daughter loved the elevator floor match and then drawing the numbers herself. Keep up your great work.



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